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1.Roads. Layer made of natural aggregates or soils, stabilized with hydraulic binders or pozzolan – mixture of aggregates or soil, binder and water

  • Preparation of the mixture to determine the composition
  • Specimen preparation
  • Sieve analyses: aggregate+binder; soil+binder
  • Humidity: agreggates or soil + binder
  • Compaction characteristics with dry density: optimum humidity – soil or agreggates stabilized with binders
  • Mechanical characteristics: specimen preparation, resistance to compression, water stability, mass losses

2.Roads. Hot mix asphalt

  • Specimen preparation
  • Apparent density
  • Preparing the specimens
  • Mixing the asphalt in laboratory
  • Asphalt composition: fast method
  • Void volume
  • Stability and flow
  • Temperature
  • Compression strength
  • Compaction degree of each layer

3.Roads. Foundations of natural aggregates

  • Humidity
  • Compaction charactersitics
  • Compaction degree

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