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About us

The company Laboratoarele Baumatest SRL is a second degree construction laboratory authorised by The Inspection in Construction, being on the market since the year 2008. We are a company with an exclusive Austrian capital and we have developed as a result of the explosion that took place on the construction industry market.

Laboratoarele Baumatest is a company that does tehnical testing and analysis. We make tests in the laboratory and on site on the materials used for civil and industrial constructions, roads and bridges. The aim of our laboratory is to comply with the national and international law system, active norms, specific standards for materials and tests done and with the internal regulations.

The company administrator has a broad experience in laboratory activity and in other related branches such as construction tehnology, statics of constructions, geotehnic and foundations, quality management. We want to offer quality services to our clients in order to ensure the quality of the used materials and also the best placing of different materials used in the construction field.

Construction laboratory authorised by The Inspection in Construction

Meet the team

dipl. Ing. Kurt STROEHLE

dipl. Ing. Kurt STROEHLE


dr. ing. Suzana FRATUT

dr. ing. Suzana FRATUT

Sef Laborator

dipl. Ing. Andra GITA

dipl. Ing. Andra GITA

Manager Calitate

Company philosophy

For a succesfull leadership and performance of a laboratory we need to administrate it in a methodical and transparent way. The success is mirrored in implementing and maintaining quality mangement system that is designed to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of laboratory performance by considering the needs and monitor customer satisfaction.


Our laboratory equipment is according to the active standards for all the authorised profiles. Our laboratory is equipped with last generation apparatuses made by Infratest Germany from 2010.


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